Celebrating the Culture of Luxury

Founded by fashion photographer Reggie Ansah in 2007, Luxure is a quarterly coffee-table magazine born out of the ambition to showcase the who’s who of luxury brands to a high echelon of readers.

For over 11 years, Luxure has celebrated those individuals who demonstrate the utmost commitment to their passions, whether that be through their personal artistry, innovation or influence over the luxury landscape.

Our Readers

Luxure is the definitive destination for those who have an elevated lifestyle. Our readers include ultra high-net-worth individuals who are entrepreneurs, influential consumers and opinion leaders – the very people who define tastes and trends.

The Spirit of Luxure

The spirit of Luxure is about knowledge, tradition, time, and the love that has been invested. We learn from the art of craftsmanship and bring it into the present making it timeless for the future – we make it Luxure.


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